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             Introducing the  .277 WOLVERINE wildcat!
        Custom Uppers by Suppression Solutions LLC

The .277 Wolverine (TM)/Patent Pending by MDWS) was designed to effectively utilize abundant 5.56 cases and 6.8 (.277) projectiles in various weights. It combines excellent performance with versatility by using all standard AR15 mil-spec parts and magazines, with a barrel swap being the only thing necessary. A custom reloading die set will be needed and a .277 Wolverine barrel will be needed, which both will be found in our store. Suppression Solutions will also offer headspace gauges, case gauges and/or live ammo gauges by special order.

Why? Well, for the past half-century, the choices in a compact and portable, but powerful, capable of a high ammunition load out, versatile and reliable rifle platforms have been the AR15 or the AK47 (The 5.56 or the 7.62x39 generally speaking). We have always wanted something that combines the attributes of both. When the .300BLK came out, we decided it wasn't exactly what we were looking for. The 6.8SPCII has revolutionized the capabilities of the AR platform in our opinion. However, the need for 6.8 specific magazines and bolts is a complication for some folks. So, MDWS decided to move forward with this concept, the .277 Wolverine. Full disclosure ballistic test results will be posted soon. Our preliminary projections look quite impressive.

AR Barrels: Barrels are provided by AR Performance (ARP), starting with 16", Mid-Length gas, 5/8-24 threaded, Scout profile. 5R, 11.25" twist, Melonite treated. Other options will be made available in the future. We hope to be able to provide 12.5" barrels for SBR's and 20" barrels for hunting and target rifles. There are talks of an 8.5" long, 1:8" twist barrel for suppressed use as well.
AR Bolts: Proprietary bolts are not needed, any mil-spec AR15 5.56 bolt will work. However, we suggest using ARP Superbolts as we have found them to be more robust and longer lasting compared to other standard bolts. Matched (Headspaced) ARP Superbolts will be available in the store as an option when ordering a barrel.
Die Sets: Custom 2-Die sets are made by Hornady, and will be available in our store for purchase. In the future, we hope to offer bushing dies for those that like to manipulate neck tension when using different brands of brass.
Brass:  5.56 Lake City Brass was used as parent cases for the die sets. We feel since this brass is in such abundance, is fairly consistent from year to year and lot to lot, we made the right choice. Many folks just leave their Lake City Brass on the range floor for us to pick up; we see this as their loss and our gain. We have tested other manufacturer's brass such as Federal, Winchester and Hornady; all have proven to work fine in the die sets.
Trimmers:  Little Crow Gun Works has agreed to produce .277 Wolverine "World's Finest Trimmers" (WFT's) WFT 1's (The original) made for the .277 Wolverine as well as WFT 2's (interchangeable inserts) with .277 Wolverine-specific inserts are available in our store now.
Case Gauges and Live Ammo Gauges:  Sheridan Engineering has agreed to produce "Slot" gauges for the .277 Wolverine.  
Reamers and Headspace Gauges:  Reamers and headspace gauges will be made available for purchase soon. Please contact us directly for more information or to request reamer and headspace gauges.